​Downtown Ocoee Rebuilding

city Network Infrastructure


 Our citizens need to be proud of their city with a place to spend some time with family or friends without having to take their car and drive to other places like Downton Winter Garden, or another towns that offer these choices.
One of the first actions I will take in my administration is to hire a company that will be able of re-build the downtown area around our historic buildings. Not only our citizens would enjoy a new destination with their families and friends, but also, we would be attracting new business to the city which would improve the city revenue.

Ronney Oliveira

  We see every day that our children are more and more connect with each other and with the rest of the planet.
With that in mind I would like to implement a project that would provide a wireless Mesh Network within the city limits, which would provide Law Enforcement, Emergency Response Teams and all City Workers real time access to the resources they need to provide the highest quality services to our citizens. As an added bonus, this network would provide our citizens access to broadband speed Internet service.

​Police Department

​I am a decision maker and I am going to bring a new energy to this administration.

I will meet face to face with the people and fight for their rights.

With your support, we can revitalize the City of Ocoee, make the neighborhoods safe, and attract businesses.


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After meeting with the Administration Staff of the Ocoee Police Department where I was exposed to some of their needs made me realize that I should make myself available to work in their budget priorities.
We should create a synergistic relationship between the City Administration and the Police Department in order to provide the most effective police force to the citizens of Ocoee. I want this city to experience the best qualified and equipped police force.