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A business man and a pastor, is now pursuing an MBA from Florida Christian University to better prepare him for his duties as State Representative in the State of Florida.
This is Ronney Oliveira! Not only is he a business man in the world of construction, Ronney is a pastor at Fountain of Life church.
Highly involved in the community, Ronney is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a Director of the Hispanic Civic Alliance in the State of Florida. On December 3, 2010, Ronney was elected Counsel Representative of Brazilians Abroad in a ceremony held by the President of Brazil at that time.
Ronney has been living in Orlando, FL since 1998 and is a father of four. Today as an American citizen and founder of Total Brick Pavers, a very established company which directly and indirectly employs seventy employees.
Today, Ronney has obtained a certain intimacy with various levels of National and International governments as well as the strong participation alongside American and Hispanic businessmen in the State of Florida. His certainty in his ability to help the State of Florida comes from his transition from a Blue Collar worker to a member of the professional field.
With a Bachelors degree in Theology and currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration, Ronney Oliveira states the following: “I Fully Recognize The Presence Of God In My Life.

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